Salt Industry

Salt is very important for many industries. Since a lot of chemical products depend on it at a stage of their manufacture, its compounds make it one of the most important materials in the chemical industry. It is also used in the manufacturing of commodities including glass, PVC, paper, pharmaceuticals, rubber, and textiles etc. Other uses include softening of water and salting of icy roads in winter. Moreover, salt is used in food industry and animal feed.

Usage Areas

Hard water is water that contains invisible dissolved rock, principally calcium and magnesium minerals Salt is used to reduce the hardness of water. The problems regarding with hard water can be resolved by installing a water softener which removes the hardness minerals from the water.

Salt is the raw material for +1,000 chemical application. For example; production of glass, paper, paints, mineral oils, aluminium & metals, textiles, detergents, disinfectant, PVC and so on.

The human body depends upon the various sources of salt in food to ensure its necessary daily intake. Salt has an important technological role in the manufacture of many foods as a preserver and a flavor enhancer.

Since salt is a cost-effective de-icing agent compared to the alternatives, salt is the most widely used de-icing agent throughout the world.

Animals require salt to keep them healthy. The right salt intake ensures their growth, strong immune and reproductive systems. Animals do not receive enough salt from foraging and other feeds and for that reason it is necessary to supplement their diet with salt.

Why Rock Salt ?

Rock salt is mined all over the world. Regarding the salt industry, the source of the salt is very important issue. Today sea and lakes are getting polluted day by day. On the other hand salt mines are still clean and it is mined without being affected from environmental pollution. In addition, the refined rock salt with the lowest hardness level which is most healthy is preferred by the customer.

As BLD, we have unique advantage in getting excellent quality in rock salt. We offer you a range of specification package that includes industrial salt, road deicing salt, food salt, feed salt and tablet salt for water softening.

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